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Trent Knox June 25, 2020

Welcome to the Esports Entrepreneurship: 14 Day Guide to Monetization! We here at Esports Business Network are so glad that you chose to take the first step in establishing your side hustle, career, or business in the Esports Industry. 

First, we wanted to thank you for purchasing this workbook, or joining the Esports Entrepreneur’s Club, and taking advantage of our amazing opportunities online. That being said, are you ready to make your mark in the Esports Industry? If so, let’s get started today!

Let’s get this out of the way, we are not guaranteeing that you will be able to monetize your Esports Business within 14 Days, if you don’t commit the time & effort to be successful. If you do not take action & execute on the methods laid out in this workbook, then you are already positioning yourself for failure. There is no way to fake it, it is simple to see the difference between those who put in the work and those that do not. If you are serious about hitting the metrics and achieving success, then we are certain that you can make it happen. We want to see you succeed, as much as you want to succeed, and we are here to support you along your journey. However, as the old saying goes, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t teach it drink. You can teach a man to read, but you can’t teach him think.” 

Now that, that is out of the way, let’s talk about how to get the most out of this workbook.When combined with the supplemental Teachable Course, the regular updates to the Private Facebook Group & Discord Channel, as well as, a one on one hour long Private Consultation, this workbook will guide you from the conception of your idea to a well optimized business. If you choose to opt out of the subscription or you decided to purchase the workbook individually, keep in mind that there are still resources available to you online. You can ask questions in the Public Facebook Group & use educational resources on YouTube, however it is highly recommended to take advantage of the additional resources.

In this workbook, we emphasize the importance of building a business, however many of these activities will apply to creating a side hustle, or improving your skills in your career. The workbook is directed at individuals, teams, or families in educating them in the steps they need to take to establish themselves as an authority in Gaming & Esports. Many of these activities will also apply to those interested in establishing themselves as a Gaming Influencer, Variety Gaming Content Creator, and many other avenues of monetization in the Video Game Industry. However, in this workbook we are focusing on how to be discovered, recognized, and validated in the Esports Industry.

Esports is no longer just for kids, the level of competition is at an all time high. The market is saturated with thousands of entrepreneurs who are trying to make their mark on the industry just like you. If you’re going to stand out, you will need proper branding, a strong understanding of the market, unique advertising skills, a passion to create content, and at least one minimum viable product.

Esports is becoming more socially accepted than ever before with mainstream celebrities like Lady Gaga, Joe Rogan, & Marshmello endorsing the participation in Esports. It hasn’t always been this glamorous though, since the very first Esports Tournament at Stanford University in October of 1972, gamers around the world have dreamt about playing video games as a career & being financially successful along the way. With the success of personalities like Ninja, Shroud, Faze Banks, Nadeshot, Doublelift, and others, we are starting to see the emergence of a whole new type of celebrity. However, what most people don’t understand is the steps they took in building their brands & what got them to where they are today. Our goal throughout this workbook is to guide you to take similar steps that they took to achieve their success.We want to show you, that you can succeed too. However, anyone willing to take this journey, must understand the risks involved, such as sacrificing a lot of time, energy, finances, and effort with no results to show at the end of the day. 

In every industry, there are so called gurus, professionals, and leaders, however that’s not us. The other guys will show you made up testimonials by pseudo celebrities to justify purchasing their services & products, just to leave you feeling less a part of the community & no closer to achieving your goals. We are a network of individuals just like you, we are in different stages in our careers, but we want to see you succeed in the industry with us. We want what is best for the industry, which is a positive community of individuals, teams, and organizations that are looking to innovate & elevate in their work. Our goal in this workbook is to show you what has brought us success & what has caused us to fail. We don’t want you to work harder than you should.

That’s where this workbook comes in, it’s a resource made available to Esports Entrepreneurs who want to know just what it takes to become successful. Included in this workbook are daily guides illustrating the steps need to take for creating a sustainable online presence and reach beyond simply just having a brand. We explain the process of carving your space in the Esports Industry. The methods outlined in this workbook have been researched, across a variety of industries, for years by our team and are designed to save you time and frustration. This is a wealth of collected information that new or novice Esports Entrepreneurs can use to accelerate their path to establishing a profitable business in Esports.