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Author’s Forward

Trent Knox is the founder of Esports Business Network. He wrote this book for gamers like himself that struggled to find themselves in Esports. Trent Knox is an entrepreneur in the industry of Esports. He entered the industry in 2012, after seeing his first livestream of Starcraft II on the website gomTV. This was the first time he had seen competitive gaming live on a television screen. Knox had experience with livestreaming since 2009, actively participating with streamers on the site Ustream. However at this time, he was focused on In Real Life content, rather than gaming related content. He pursued a degree from the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Digital Cinema, dreaming that one day he would have the skillset & experience to produce a high quality livestreaming production. 

The motivation was instilled in him to direct his ambitions toward the Esports industry after seeing the growing success of Esports Broadcasts online. Following the shift from multiple websites streaming gaming related content to seeing the powerhouse of Twitch taking over the broadcasting space. He became an active member of Twitch in 2015. He has seen the industry online exponentially grow and the success of both Casual Gaming & Esports Content Creators thrive.

Knox in 2018 elevated his status from Amateur Esports Connoisseur to Professional Esports Consultant. In this workbook, he shows you how he built an Independent Brand in Esports.